Friday, January 28, 2011

We adopted Murphy over two years ago, and we absolutely love him! I thought you might like to see a few pictures of him. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Greg,
I hope you remember me and my brothers and sisters, my name is Hailey. I was in a litter of 11. I miss my mom and dad Lulu and Elmo. My mommy daddy and kid are all loving me here and we have so much fun everyday. Thank you for helping me find them. I really miss you and everyone else. Just making sure everythings going all right there at Eagle Cross Kennals and hope you are all well. Tell my mommy and daddy I said hi. I have a great family and just love lovee love chasing the squirels around our house. I just wish I wasn't allergic to some sort of protein! Ewww that food that i have to have blaahh just thinking about it. Although I have come to like it! Daddy feeds me stuff that mommy doesn't like, like.... human food! Shhhh, don't tell mommy! And my kid, Mia, we play everyday, we lay with eachother and have fun. We also go outside and in the summer in the pool. I love swimming! This year I wentin the deep end. I just love when my mommy, and Mia take me to the dog park in the summer and I get to meet other dogs! I'm 2 years old now! Guess what! Mia and I share a birthday so we have lots of presents around the house!
Love always,
Hailey Szymanski
Mia Szymanski
Sally Szymanski
Eddie Szymanski
P.S I'll send some pictures of me modeling!

Hello Greg,

Well, as it turns out.. I found what may just be the perfect home for him.. a young couple with a dog (Brody) - he and Stanley hit it off immediately and Brody treats him like a little brother - even in his own home they played tug of war and Brody rolled on his back with Stanley on top of him playing. They go for regular walks... trips to the country for time in the woods... and have a nice big fenced in yard. I couldn't have wanted more for Stanley. It takes the bite out of 'losing' him quite a bit.

Thank you for your response... and know that Stanley has found his forever home! :D Max and I will have visitation rights and can even take him for periodic trips - once Stanley is settled and is assured with his new home and owners.

He is a beautiful dog with a temperament that any dog owner would wish for. Thank you Greg.

I've attached our 'last' pictures.

Pam Angell
Hello Greg,
Oliver came in first on Saturday at The Greater Toledo Obedience Trial! (Novice Rally). He had his picture taken with the Judge I will
send it to you when I receive it in about 2 weeks. Our score was 96 out of 100. He is a ham. He loved all the attention he received.
He had his own support group following him.
Sue Kroyer
Brief update on Ms. Trixie. She is doing wonderful
and is truly a joy to have around! My son, who is
eight, enjoys wrestling with her and my daughter, who is 13,
enjoys Trixie's early morning wake up calls!! Rascal
our 9 year old poodle-mix has found his inner puppy after a
few weeks of uncertainty!!

Trixie exhibits her intelligent side by trying to open the
back door when she has to do her business!! Wow
huh?? Sometimes she 'accidents' in the house but she
blames the occasional field mouse that sneaks in so....

She is a natural walker and loves her walks!! Started the
car rides but she is insecure as to the where-abouts and
exhibits that through quiet whimpers!!

I have a question for an experienced dog-person as
yourself-where is the best time to spay? I've heard
and read conflicting reports and am worried about
incontinence~which I guess happens in labs???? Just
wondering what you think...


Just took this picture of Murphy, he's now 6 months old, we are CRAZY about him! Thought this might even be a good picture for your website sometime - great color, huh? We hit the jackpot with Murphy, let me tell you! Hope all is well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Tom and Mary Roberts

I played in the snow for the first time this morning. I LOVED it!!

Love, Rookie